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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's up with the chick? ?! ...

"Here I am coming out to your world ... I'm pointing to my creator who gave my pitiful , helpless self the power to break my shell and show you all the knowledge he embedded in my genes to help me come out to your world."

Today , my post is short , and it's all about the story of a chick.

Materialists say:

In the Theological stage (when people used to refer the happening of every event to the direct intervention of God) people were so ignorant that they explained the process of hatching of a chick by saying “A supreme power helped crack the egg’s rigid shell for the chick to come out.”

BUT now, that we KNOW how this process really works we don’t need to refer this event to the intervention of god. As we have seen by our own eyes (via specialized instruments) the following facts:

We have discovered that after 21 days from the day the hen lays its egg a very small horn shows over the chick’s picker which is used by the chick to break its way out of the egg’s shell, therefore we don’t need no more of this nonsense. ( I say : btw this horn disappears after it has done its goal, while the picker remains , cool eh?! )

I say : Is that true?, I mean is that what you really think?, I’m not arguing with the fact you have discovered I’m just questioning the end result you came up with after this discovery!

My question to you now is not about the hatching process, it’s about this small horn that shows over the chick’s picker!

What is the cause behind this magnificent plan? What natural cause knew that after 21 days the chick will need this small horn to break on through to the other side?

Coincidence !? … Such an event that happens in every single hatching process is merely a coincidence!?.

This is one of millions of millions of events that itself needs an explanation!

Why do these powers ALWAYS target a predetermined goal for the benefit of the being involved ?

To sum up :
"Nature does not explain , she is herself in need of explanation"

Do you know what I mean?


N.Magdy said...

Thank you so much for this great piece of info in this post... it only makes one appreciate the mighty creator evenmore.

You are right... nature itself needs explanation. For example how does one explain that in humans alone there are 210 DIFFERENT types of cells yet "by pure chance and coincidence!!!" they ALL manage to contain a nucleus, cytoplasm, organelles etc.!!! not to mention the millions of other cells in other organisms which contain the SAME features....

TheSphere said...

You're most welcome , and thank you too for your valuable comment. I think we should make up a team!

Yeah really , I think any athiest who is reading this blog should answer this question that Dr. Noha asked.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting facts which make me more distant from those who insist that beings have evolved over time to coexist with their environment. Was there any other hatching process for that helpless chick 13.7 billion years ago?
(13.7 billion years ago refers to yesterday's experiment done at the borders between France and Swiss and which is assumingly, the age of the Earth). Speaking of which, I find it all just waste of money )(10 billion dollars) and time for it assumes that the Big Bang stands behind our universe as we know it today. They find it very hard to consider the real wise power that had created everything within a unique system and harmony.
“Praise be to Allah, Who hath created the heavens and the earth, and hath appointed darkness and light. Yet those who disbelieve ascribe rivals unto their Lord”.
"الحمد لله الذي خلق السماوات والأرض وجعل الظلمات والنور ثم الذين كفروا بربهم يعدلون"

TheSphere said...

looks like my dad who commented here! : ).

I can tell by his fluent english and great logic.

Thanks dad for your valuable comment.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I liked that last sentence: 'Nature does not explain, for she needs an explanation itself'

I advice you to read Bill Bryson's 'A short history of nearly everything'. It talks about all the facts of life starting the big bang theory and ending with the atom and even the theory of evolution. He explains the 'What' not the 'Why'. It will help you gather info about certain facts and logic so that you can argue against in the favor of providing the truth: God's existence.

TheSphere said...

Thanks for the tip , I actually had the title of the book you mentioned written in one of my books so I would remember buying it.

btw , the quote 'Nature does not explain, for she needs an explanation itself' is not mine , it's said by an american scientist but I can't remember his name now.

I would appreciate if you add info in the context of my post so we all can benefit from your knowledge.

N.Magdy said...

Thank you Ahmed for your kind feedback... it would definitely be an honour to make up a team with someone so intellectual :-)

Grettel- said...

Hey you two there. Dr Noha and Ahmad. Don't team up. I can't argue against two of you. :)

I am little bit confused by this post. Why you have to explain nature? Nature does not explain, it doesn't need explanation. It's nature.

Evolution is what it is. We are all mutants from the species that came before us. That's why there is so much resemblance between things on earth and in all the universe.

Btw I am really no atheist. I just don't believe in the same God as you do. But I respect very much every believe I had the pleasure to get to know until now.

So my question? Why the need to explain all? :) Relax all. Just let it be. The world is as confusing at it is. Just let it be. (Didn't The Beatles sang this a long time ago?)

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