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Monday, March 22, 2010

Darwinism's formula...

Before digging deep into the scientific evidences that refutes Evolutionism/Darwinism/Athiesm , I would like in a short brief to address your rational mind , of course you "Athiest" have given repeated instructions to your subconscious mind that there is no God  - for some reason , maybe cuz you are really convinced , maybe cuz you don't want someone to have control over you "God" , or maybe cuz you're just an ass hole (dumb ass) - so anyhow , those instructions you gave have made your poor subconscious mind believe this big illusion , since it doesn't question or object your orders , it just stores whatever you dictate and manifest it into reality(belief).

But when you wake up and see with your own eyes :  God , throwing you into hell you will say :

"Had we but listened or used Our intelligence, we should not (now) be among the companions of the Blazing Fire!" (Quran 67:10) .

According to evolutionists, human existence is the end result of millions of years of progress, up from muddy water with the help of chance. They believe that the combination of these random forces gave shape to the human brain, intelligence, cognitive ability, judgment and memory. So it is that evolutionists regard these three forces—time, mud, and chance—as their gods, and believe that over the course of time, these false gods created the human intelligence that can examine the heavens with a telescope, produce fiber-optic cables, use computers, develop holograms and invent cellular telephones. The power they impute to this threesome is actually enough to elevate them into a trinity. Holding tightly to their deviant ideas, Darwinists do not forsake the crushing defeat of their logic which they suffer, only to deny the existence of Almighty God.

I liked what Paul Davies, a well-known professor of mathematical physics at Australia's University of Adelaide said :

" If the world's finest minds can unravel only with difficulty the deeper workings of nature, how could it be supposed that those workings are merely a mindless accident, a product of blind chance? "

So , In conclusion here is Darwinism's formula :

Time + Mud + Chance = A human being

HEH , what the heck ?

to be continued......


Anonymous said...

Assume Time + Mud + Chace had made one human, what are their chances to make a second identical one but this time with an opposite sex. Time + Mud + Chance had to have some kind of intelligence to act that way and they must have had means of communication with each other! It's also important to note that CHANCE represents one third of the formula.

N.Magdy said...

While thriving to rule out the presence of God, Darwinism only emphasizes the strong existence of the almighty whom if claimed to have not created all creatures big and small, then he is still the engineer who designed the laws of nature to bring about this incredible alleged evolution, which could not have been coincidential in producing the same results for all living species, i.e. survival and development of the fittest.

TheSphere said...

Thank you Dr. for your comment - if I got you right- you're saying that darwinism doesn't denounce the idea of the creator or the initial cause ,but as far as I know, evolutionists do denounce that and they explain the existence of all creatures as a result of progressive changes in species over a long period of time by means of natural selection,and that their whole theory is based on CHANCES (not laws) which is of course absurd,they have strived to explain how the first "thing" that all other species came from existed. Have those darwinists you're talking about adopted this theory recently or something?

N.Magdy said...

You are absolutely correct, this is what darwinists claim. The previous comment was a personal interpretation of the issue... From its universal definition, properties of "chance" are unpredictability and randomness.The fact that the so called "chance" should strike thousands of species in the SAME organized manner producing the SAME overall development streaks in all wouldn't exactly qualify it to be random and unpredictable, but rather structured, disciplined and in control of the elements of nature producing these effects, which ultimately points back to the hands of a mighty puppeteer, steering the forces of nature this way..

N.Magdy said...

By the way thank you for your deep insights and the lovely blog.

TheSphere said...

Thank YOU for dropping by and adding your valuable comments. Hope you drop by more often : )

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