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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Evolution, a theory in crisis....

Refuting athiesm ...soft opening!

Actually I was was gonna go on and write more about the silly Quranists, but due to a special request from a friend , I'll write some about this subject then get back to finish what I started.

Despite having its roots in ancient Greece, the theory of evolution was first brought to the attention of the scientific world in the nineteenth century. The most thoroughly considered view of evolution was expressed by the French biologist Jean Lamarck(1809).

Lamarck thought that all living things were endowed with a vital force that drove them to evolve toward greater complexity.

He also thought that organisms could pass on to their offspring traits acquired during their lifetimes.
As an example of this line of reasoning, Lamarck suggested that the long neck of the giraffe evolved when a short-necked ancestor took to browsing on the leaves of trees instead of on grass.

This evolutionary model of Lamarck's was invalidated by the discovery of the laws of genetic inheritance. In the middle of the twentieth century, the discovery of the structure of DNA revealed that the nuclei of the cells of living organisms possess very special genetic information, and that this information could not be altered by "acquired traits." In other words, during its lifetime, even though a giraffe managed to make its neck a few centimeters longer by extending its neck to upper branches, this trait would not pass to its offspring.

In brief, the Lamarckian view was simply refuted by scientific findings, and went down in history as a flawed assumption.....done ! I DEFEATED ATHIESM...

You will say : Is that it ? do you think you defeated athiesm by these simple words ? Nah , you are just an amateur who doesn't know what he's talking about ...

I say : No smart ass thats not it , I know your messed up minds - cuz I was about to become one of you oneday in the past - I know the twisted comments and asnwers your gonna come up with , but trust me , I'll make them all a vapor in the wind...

My intention is to show that the theory of evolution is not indisputable scientific truth, as many people assume or try to impose on others. On the contrary, there is a glaring contradiction when the theory of evolution is compared to scientific findings in such diverse fields as the origin of life,population genetics, comparative anatomy, paleontology, and biochemistry.

All these subjects are gonna be discussed in my following posts - If God wills - In addition to that , what is the hidden agenda behind backing such an ill therory till the day we live in although most scientists today have repeated the phrase "Science found god" so many times.

Even In 1998 Newsweek went so far as to proclaim on its cover, "Science Finds God."

to be continued.....

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Brownie said...

According Lamarck's theory, you build muscles and expect your kids to inherit it :D
Can not wait to read the rest.

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