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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why are they sometimes nasty?

If you are eating something now DON'T READ THIS....

I wish the picture had a man instead , but that's the only picture I found on the internet that best represents the guy that was with me at the Sauna this morning.

Well, he is a doctor , but he's the smelliest creature I've ever came across.

He has this Jar (like in the picture) that has a liquid of the same color as in the picture , and God only knows what the hell is it !?

Thats what he did:

First : All the time he goes "ahhhhhhh" , It's not bad to say ahhhhhh but not every freakin second, I mean he can't be suffering that much from the heat,and if he is then why can't he just leave.

Second : He shows his uhm "behind" , When I came in I found him in a very weird position. you better not wanna know.

Third : He smells like sh*t.

Fourth : He works out INSIDE the Sauna!! , and you can imagine what that means! , It means he was splashing his sweat at us , I mean me , as I was the only one with him in there.

Fifth : He's got this idea that when he rubs his belly very hard downwards that its gonna like take off the fats that he's got , He's a doctor so maybe this stuff works ! . But I must tell you that it was very weird to see this happen..all the time I was like "What the hell is this man doing?, doesn't he realize that he isn't alone?".

As you know , the Sauna is as hot as hell , but this time it was hot with extra toppings.

Pretty gross I know...

But you have to know what's going on in the world today.

What does this have to do with "Challenge everything" ?

I guess it challenges your mind to understand why people behave this way.

It's not a big deal. They simply don't give a sh*t .


Grettel- said...

Hihihihi yeah is it coincidence that this happened to you? :) I never come across this things.

Ahmad you just must embrace that people like you. What do people want? Only this little bit of attention. :p

Btw, I guess he rubs his belly to make the blood go around in his body again. :p

TheSphere said...

Grettel , you should have seen how this man rubs his belly , It's not even rubbing , It's like what you do when you have a cockroach in your clothes , I don't know how to explain but it's pretty gross , It makes this sound : bleg bleg bleb...

Anonymous said...

:D heheheheheeh well am laughing my heart out :D

i am imagining the picture you drew and i cant stop laughing as i was imagining your facial expressions :D:D:D

well when i come across something that's abnormal for me .. i take one of two roads ..

either i laugh out loud (and that's rude but sometimes u cant help it)

or i ask :D whether i ask what's that or i ask if they would stop cause it's annoying me and it's not (am free to do whatever i want) when u are invading others freedom and comfort zone ..

well am glad u got to see that experience with your own eyes now u can say (ive seen it all) :D

Grettel- said...

How does it feel to have a cockroach in your clothes?
Do Egyptian people have this feeling very often?
Is it the same feeling like ants in your head or in your pants?
And how does this feel?

Yeah it sounds like an experience I never want to know. I feel bad for you guys you know how cockroach in your clothes feel like. ;)

Anonymous said...

well it's exactly how it feels like for the rest of the world when cockroach gets in your clothes feel like :D

it's not an "Egyptian" thing :D

Grettel- said...

Oooow. Now I understand... Still not how it feels. :p

Yeah we do have those little sweet animals here. But they are seldom appearing. You have more chance to see them in a museum or at the zoo then in real.

Which reminds me. I 've seen some African cockroaches in the zoo here in Belgium. They are huge! Do they even fit in a T-shirt or your pants?
But I heard some Egyptians like wear their T-shirts all week like the smell will chase away the cockroaches.
Does this tactic work? And what about white asses? Do they smell bad enough? (It's 8°C here now, so I am pretty sure what will happen with my body if I come to Egypt now).

The ants in my head keep asking how cockroaches in your clothes feel like. Please describe me this feeling my dear Pharaoh's children.

TheSphere said...

Well , It's not like we eat and drink with cockroaches here Grettel , We are a very clean nation ;).

I'm sure jazzylife knows what I mean :)~ .

TheSphere said...


What we've got here is failure to commuini-cake "communicate" , some men you just can't reach , which is the way he wants it , well he gets it.

I didn't laugh cuz I was disgusted, and I didn't comment cuz I felt that the dude was so much into it , you know enjoying his nasty moments.

I wish they allowed toxic masks into the sauna.

Anonymous said...

hmmm i can sense some cynical laughing in the air :D

well it's like anywhere around the globe , there are clean places and not so clean ones !

but seriously our asses are much much cleaner than any other place in the world cause we have this invention called (shatafa) that in the most sophisticated countries don't have it and walk around with their stool smudged in their asses :D so our asses are ok ..

but as for the perspiration system .. we have a problem here , some of the Egyptians think of "taking a shower" is something optional although as you said we are a high temperature country ..

they dont wear the same shirt all week (cause then how will they impress the ladies) they just dont shower all week ..
big difference ! and we are talking here about the lower standard of our society !

as for the African cockroaches .. well maybe they are the largest cockroaches we have so you took it as a show and tell :D cause ours come in various sizes :D
but we have something you dont .. we get to see baby cockroach :D

and again it's not everywhere .. it's like i see one every 2 months at home and in streets none of them survive cause we have cats that would eat them :D " aint that sad? "

anyway i hope my answer satisfied your ants ..

Grettel- said...

1. pollution! Cairo is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The traffic's dust will stick to your sweaty body every time you walk out of your house.

2. Political! Did you ever heard of Bakşiş? Wasn't this invented by you guys? The middle class politics also forget about the real people. If you ignore the people who don't vote they will disappear in thin air they seem to think.
But they don't!

3. Social! How many people live out the view of the tourist views in the poor neighbourhoods. Whatever number you'll give me, there are more people living there. Forgotten and ignored! Do you think they have the abilities to be clean every day? They have running water? They have houses to go to at night? These people falling out of the educational system, work system and political system have no future.
How clean can this be it children are selling their organs to strangers to get a scratch of money (they will never receive btw). Please get awake world!

4. Physical! Yeah like I told you. In the poor neighbourhoods and with the pollution you just can't be clean in Cairo. And no I don't have anything again sweaty feet on rugs. :) They wash them first don't they?

5. Mentally! How can you be clean in your head as a person if you just keep on ignoring the fact there is still too many things going wrong under you're own nose? You feel good about yourself when you pay once in a while the for our religion obligated money for the poor but pass them by and ignore them? Clean soul you have then.

Pffff I think I 've said all for now. :)

I know you were sarcastic my friend. But you did hit certain string in my soul that screamed to react on this one.

Btw you think secret service will come after me now the know I don't like their political way of acting? :)

Grettel- said...

Hi Jazzy,

Is Belgium a sophisticated country? :) Sometimes I have my doubts about this. We invented the internet yes. Brussels sprouts are Belgian and we invented the french fries. Ow yeah and the centre of political Europe (also the president of Europe) is in Belgium. But sometimes the people here are so stupid, I think we must be living in a third world country.

Yeah I am pretty proud of my country. :) The system here is good. Other things are less good. :)

Who tells you we don't wipe our buts good? You've never seen me do it did you? I think this is hitting under the belt. And as everyone knows in boxing you can't hit under the belt. :p

Ow I don't like talking about the lower standard in society. In Belgium we use the words 'people who live in poverty' as word. Cause most of the time if we say lower standard we talk about them.

Some Egyptian man DO wear their T-Shirt for a whole week. Or they lie to me. Imagine they are already married and don't care a thing about their smell. I meet them on the internet. And Belgians did some fine work in speech technology, but nit in smell technology yet. :)

Ooooh you have baby cockroaches? When I come to Egypt, can I come and visit them? That's so cute. Let me take back one at home. :p

For the show and tell part. No I am not so stupid. :) I am a social worker and everything I see I don't believe without first questioning very hard. I have a very critical mind. Don't worry. I just like playing advocate of the devil and challenge people on reacting on what I say. :)

Hey you helped me with something. I didn't know why we never have cockroaches here around. (We live in a poor neighbourhood). But there is an invasion of cats living here also. :D
Yeah pretty sad they eat this lovely creatures. :( We should tell WWF about this. So they can protect the cockroaches. Especially the ones living inside Ahmad's clothes! They must be rare animals.

Hey can I be honest. It weren't my ants. :) It are the ants of a friend of me. But I thought it was a nice image to use for how my brain works most of the time. :)

Anonymous said...

wow you invented the french fries?
you had me at "fries" :D

well i didnt mean any harm or offense when i said "lower standard" pardon my English Grettel ..

well your mission is succeeding you did entice me and get me to write all these comments .. i love a good challenge and i LOVE mind games :D

well i guess i'll see you around then and tell your friend and his/her ants i said hi :))

P.S: Ahmed am sorry i invaded your blog but Grettel rocks :D

Grettel- said...

Yeah we did invent the French Fries. They don't come from France as most people think. 'French' stands for the way they are cut. Not for from France. I love Fries. :D I go eat them in a few minutes when they are delivered. I go make them for a friend if I come to Egypt soon maybe. :) I would invite you to come and taste the real Belgian ones. ;)

No I know you don't mean harm by saying lower standard. I am a social worker like I told you. These things are somehow a sensitive matter for me. :) Don't worry. You can never offence me in any way. I am strong in heart and soul. ;)

And my English isn't good either. I just try. And I use Firefox add on with spelling corrector. ;)

I love a good challenge too. :D And yeah we'll see each other around. When Ahmad keeps writing.

And hey no I don't rock. :) Our band plays rap, folk, metal and Belgian self invented stuff. We don't play rock. :p

N.Magdy said...

Hi Ahmed, long time no write. Hope all is fine and hope to read more of your creative writing soon.

Anonymous said...

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