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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The power of attraction.

I just watched the movie "The Secret" and I wanted to share with my buddies what I learned from that movie.

I'll sum it up in a few points to make it easy:

1) Everything in this universe is a form of energy,from the greatest star to our rigid bodies they are all actually a huge number of atoms combined which is internally managed by a form of energy.
The whole universe is connected, and every person's mind is the center of his own world.

2) The power of attraction is a form of energy, its source is our mind , the power of attraction works on both types of thoughts : positive & negative , your positive thoughts is a form of energy that communicates with the universe - in a special , secret God's made law - and brings on to reality what you want, while your negative thoughts is just the opposite.

3) When you want something don't wish for it , BELIEVE it is yours,this will cause your mind to emit the needed power that will make the universe act accordingly.

4) Don't think of what you don't have - except for knowing in contrast what you have - cuz this will bring on more and more of what you don't have.

5) Be grateful of what Allah gave you , and always try to make yourself feel happy , if a bad situation pops up think of something that would make you laugh or smile , think of heaven , think of the presence of God, think of the beauty of nature.....just try as much as you can not to allow the bad thoughts to settle in your mind.

6) You can cure your physical diseases by using this methodology. Allah cures man by reasons , means and laws that he has set . Your mind is this tool , medecine is too but your mind is more powerful, that's why when you take a pill that is not relevant to your disease thinking that it is the right medecine you will experience the same effect, which means that the "secret" is in your mind and these powers - given by Allah - is capable of fighting any enemy of your body.

7) When you want something visualize it , see yourself doing it. If you want a car sit on  a chair , close your eyes and believe that you are riding your dream car. This causes the mind to emit the power of attraction,I mean attracting the secret laws made by God to manifest your needs.

8) When you don't get what you want after believing in it , then don't blame this methodology , you just haven't mastered it yet.

I believe that Allah/God is the one who brings our dreams to reality , Im talking here about the laws that he himself has set.

Btw, this is all tested.

For more information read the book.

Note: Please be careful cuz the book is tricky , it usually refers to the Universe as what makes all your dreams come true , which is not right. The power of attraction is only a law like any other law God has created , once you discover it's secret you will truely know how magnificent Allah is.


Grettel- said...

:O It looks like my teachers at high school all read this book before teaching me. :p

Except for the believe in Allah's force, this seems to me as common knowledge. For me anyhow.

But I shall only be able to tell after reading myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

well you summed up the book quiet well actually !

actually it did work for me couple of times but then again i didnt "master" the technique so it didnt work in most of the times !

but i believe the book is like (انا عند حسن ظن عبد بي)
to be optimistic .. have good energy and you will attract all what's good in life .. : )

well your blog seems interesting :)

TheSphere said...

wow , I haven't got a comment in a long time ... I almost forgot I had a blog.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hey you are more than welcome , i like your blog , keep on writing so i can keep on commenting :))

Grettel- said...

Yes keep on writing and I'll give reactions too. ;) I have commented already everything on your blog. Give us new brain food my dear friend.

"have good energy and you will attract all what's good in life"
Mmm. I think it's better to "have good energy and spread this energy to others" Go search for good things in your life isn't necessary then. Cause good things will happen too you if you make good things happen to others.

It's like this image I learned at school. (Yeah there was a time I was in Catholic school. I didn't learn much but this I will never forget).

This positive energy is like the light of a candle. It starts small and sometimes will look like it will go out. But let the candle burn and the flame will grow. Until the flame has reached his highest point.
Now go search for other candles. Light them with your flame. And you learned in mathematics lessons when you divide something it becomes less.
But not with this positive energy. Divide the light of your candle and it will become more light. More positive energy!

Le désir de l'un est le désir de l'autre.

Think about that for a while my challenge everything friends. ;)

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