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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Greatest Cycle

Everything thing you see,deal with or know has a cycle.

Even us -Humans- have cycles,from the smallest particle in our body to our whole life from birth till death.

But the cycle I'm talking about here is the greatest cycle of them all which is the "Bing Bang - Crunch cycle".
Before that, I want to mention some cycles that are great but not as great as this one,since the latter involves the existence of the Universe itself,how it all began including time and space.

From Top to bottom, the first cycle involves the Sun.

The Sun goes through approximately 11-year cycles that range from peak activity to quiet and back again. We are near the low point of the current cycle. Scientists have tracked the cycles for decades but have been unable to predict when their durations and intensity.
The new model, known as the Predictive Flux-transport Dynamo Model, has simulated the strength of the past eight solar cycles extending back to the early 1900s with 98 percent accuracy.
Using the model, researchers predict that the next solar cycle, known as Cycle 24, will produce sunspots across an area slightly larger than 2.5 percent of the visible surface of the Sun. They also expect that the cycle will begin in late 2007 or early 2008--about six to 12 months later than earlier predictions--and reach its peak in 2012.

For more info read this :

The second cycle is the “Great Cycle” of the “Long Count” calendar (Mayan Calendar)equates to 5,125.36 years. This cycle is claimed to be a great year of spiritual transformation or apocalypse. The current Great Cycle is due to be completed on the winter solstice of 2012, December 21. So, it has been interpreted that on this day, the Great Cycle ends, time ends, so the Earth might end as well. Not everyone agrees however some say it is the era of a new age,which I think is the right opinion.

Scientifically, on the 21st of December 2012 the Earth,Sun and the Black hole - that is at the center of our galaxy- will align. What could be the consequences of this alignment ? No one really knows.
Btw, It's now believed that at the center of every galaxy there is a black hole which actually causes the galaxy to spin, but what is stopping the black hole from sucking in the whole galaxy? Or is it already sucking it but due to the unimaginable enormous size of galaxies it takes a heck lot of time to suck it all in?.

White holes are also believed to be there, but instead of sucking everything in even light, it sprays out matter and light. I can't say it's not there, cuz we know that everything was and is created in pairs, the thing and it's anti. Like antimatter, the mirror image of matter and so on.

The Greatest cycle of them all is the one I mentioned as the "Bing Bang - Crunch cycle".

Some scientists talk about something called "The singularity".
Singularity is actually something but nothing. Once the universe was all squeezed into a spot so infinitesimally compact that it has no dimensions at all.
Outside the singularity there is no where!. When the universe expands, it is not expanding or spreading to fill a larger emptiness. The only space that exists is the space that it creates as it goes.

There was no even such thing called Time, this was also created after the Big Bang.

So what was this Singularity and where did it come from?

Scientists who doesn't believe in God ironically admit that singularity can actually be called "nothing".So according to them from nothing our universe begins!.

Some say that this singularity is actually what the previous universe ended up to after collapsing.According to some the Big Bangs are going on and on all the time. That space and time had some other forms altogether before the Big Bang-forms too alien for us to even imagine-and that the Big Bang represents some sort of transition phase, where the universe went from a form we can't understand to one we almost can.

The "Bing Bang - Crunch cycle" theory is supported by the holy book "The Quran". There it is mentioned in a Surah called "Al Anbeya" verse 104 where it says :
"And (remember) the Day when we shall roll up the heavens like a scroll rolled up for Books, as we began the first creation, we shall repeat it, (it is) a Promise binding upon us. Truly, we shall do it."

There are many questions that we can not answer right now, or maybe never. I mean the sun is already burning up, and a star of this size will be burning for about 10 billion years before expanding and cooling to become a red giant,ultimately using up its fuel. Unfortunately, the Sun is already about halfway through its life time so we have about 5 billion years left.That is of course if nothing bad happens like a comet or a meteroite crashes into Earth. Or the burning up process of the sun exhilarates for some reasons.I mean we discover something new everyday.

Here is something that we can never challenge: God.


Grettel- said...

You’re joking right? I challenge God every day in prayer as he challenges me keep having faith in life.

Ok, you’ve written a lot. It will not be easy to comment on in a very structured way.

The Big Bang Theory is still something nobody knows anything about. It’s true. And I am pretty sure we will never know the answer. The future is something supposed to be in God’s hands. Something uncertain and unknown to us humans. As I painfully discovered myself lately. We can’t know neither change the things that will happen to us.

Will we all die the 21th December? I don’t believe this neither. For the same reason as I write here above. We don’t know the future. It’s not in our hands to know. So it will be too much of a coincidence if the world will end in 2012. (That is if coincidence exists of course). It’s possible. Everything is possible. But I don’t think people have the power to know this. Not even the Mayas or the smartest scientists in the world. (They couldn’t even predict tsunamies, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, ...)

The sunstorms? Well yeah don’t worry. There is a chance that the sun will have such a serious reaction that the earth will disappear in it. But if we are in influence of the sun. Don’t worry. We will be dead in matter of nanoseconds. You won’t feel a thing. :) No need to put on a extra layer of sunscreen.

It worries me that there is a possibility there were civilisations before us who were destroyed and started over again. Maybe we started over again. And still we destroy the earth ourselves. The earth and our universe. We have 5 billion years left according to the cycle of the universe. The way we treat the world now, it will not survive until the end of time. We will destroy it in no time when we don’t start acting smart.

And this time we don’t count only on God’s good will to save us. But also on the brains He has given us. And on the signs He gives us. For me we are only allowed to talk about the ending of things when we really care about the process towards it. Don’t cry if you fail your exams when you didn’t study. Don’t act like you care about the world if you do nothing to make it a better place. (Ahmed this is not you like I mean you personal. But in general a call for awareness).

In this I don’t know a meteorite or comet (Hey isn’t this in essence the same thing?) crashing into the earth is a bad thing. I don’t want to witness us messing up the world and making a worse future for our children. Nobody wants to see this happening. Let the meteorite come and knock us some brains in our little heads.

The cycle itself seems for me logical. And indeed everything in this universe is in pairs. Although you can still earn a lot of money by discovering a white hole. My guess is it’s hidden inside the black hole. We should sent someone to go take a look. :p

If there are cycles in life. Let’s hope we can get this earth back on the right track again and don’t let it become this bad ever again. We don’t need another glacial period of course. But just something better then now.

Sorry I made your blog in a social drama again. But I have seen too much litter laying on the ground lately. I heard dramatic stories about how people recycle garbage. I’ve seen how the awareness of our universe and our role in it is lost. We are fighting nature. We are fighting God Himself. And we don’t even realize it anymore.

Grettel- said...

Ok I can't let this one go.

The Big Bang Theory was first mentioned by a Belgian guy. I think this is very strange you didn't mentioned this Ahmed. :)

Monsignor Georges Henri-Joseph-Edouard Lemaître. Check him out. He was quiet a cool guy.

About the things he knew in 1931 there are in meanwhile some improvements made, but his theory was sound. Nice going Mr Lemaître. ;)

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